We are inspired by American youth activism groups such as Turning Point USA and the Young America’s Foundation. We seek to identify, educate and mobilise young activists who are proud of Britain and want to preserve our fine traditions, including democracy. We support Britain’s fine tradition of liberty and individual rights, which led to Magna Carta, the end of the slave trade, and women’s rights. We promote secularism, patriotism, tolerance, private property rights, and free speech.

Democracy Taken By the EU Monster
Our ancestors struggled so hard and risked their lives to achieve your right to vote for our leaders, the right to freedom of expression, the right to freedom of association, and also to preserve the finest culture in the world: our British identity. Now that has been taken! Now we are controlled by an unelected EU Commission that acts like a monarchy and listens to the lobbying of banks and major corporates. Merkel is throwing open the borders and letting in terrorists and rapists. We want more local elected power and not a centralised unelected government in Brussels. Your liberty and identity has been taken. What will you do?

Democracy Threatened on Campus
On campus, democracy is ignored as only a mere 700 out of 7 million students are allowed a vote in NUS elections, meaning it is one of the most undemocratic electoral systems in the history of mankind. The NUS and student societies are restricting both freedom of expression and of association with Orwellian “safe space” policies. These groups are often openly anti-British, and heavily push the cultural Marxist policy of multiculturalism.

A student society recently banned Boris Johnson while they allow as president Malia who is alleged to have praised anti-Semitism and also violence in Israel. Right-wing groups such as Conservatives and UKIP, and traditionalist groups such as the Young Chartists, are not given their legal right to speak but driven off campuses.

We strongly object to university “no platforming” and “safe space” policies infringing on ‘freedom of association’ and ‘freedom of expression’. They force a one-party atmosphere on campus and hinder learning. We feel we should challenge new ideas and learn to defend our beliefs rather than hide from those who disagree with us. We also want universities to promote British culture to students, and to have the British flag at the entrance and on roofs.

While we may not necessarily agree with their views, we feel that all parties from across the political spectrum should be allowed a voice, if the Electoral Commission approved them and they have no violated any current British laws on hate speech. Your liberty has been taken. What will you do?

What Will YOU Do?
Will you show the bravery of those men who risked death to stand up to the king and say No? Will you imitate the Chartists and suffragettes who demanded working class people, including women, have the vote? Will you show the courage of brave men who enlisted in WW2 knowing they might live only two weeks so as to ensure you, their descendants, would have an independent government appointed by the British people? Or will you just stand by and watch?

No, you don’t have to face machine gun fire, or mustard gas, or get trench foot, or watch your friend be slaughtered in front your very eyes. All you need to do is say no to those who infringe on our British identity and values. Join the nationalist youth movement and make a difference!