Young Chartists at the 2018 People’s Charter Convention

Sunday, 24 June 2018 at 10:00-21:00

London, UK

This will be the Brexiteer / populist event of the YEAR! The afternoon will feature a session for young populists, including a speech by Joshua Thomas of the Young Chartists, and workshops on forming a YBL society on your campus. #ThePeopleHaveSpoken!

UK politics have become very centrist, with the “liberal elite” influencing all political parties. There is a need to make a stand against the establishment which both took us into the EU and tried to make us stay. We need a points-based migration system, to be out the single market, and to regain pride in Britain. #FlyOurFlag #DrainTheSwamp

(Speakers and mid-afternoon protest to be announced. Evening drinks reception. Please RSVP by clicking ‘GOING’ so that we can have an approximate idea of the turnout for the event. Tickets will be available soon.)

All welcome, whatever party- we are all on a ship heading in the same direction, reducing state intervention, even if we disagree about which port it should dock at, so let’s get that ship sailing. However, this event will certainly *not* be promoting the doomed direction of left-wing philopsophy, such as socialist-libertarianism, so called left free market anarchism.

The convention begins with Friday night drinks and a lecture to reflect on and celebrate the victory that was the people’s revolt of Brexit. Saturday will feature speeches on continuing the fight for freedom beyond Brexit. A chance for you to meet passionate believers in freedom from around the UK. To have a refreshing break from the pessimism of “liberalism” found on campus 😉

What a perfect time to welcome keynote speakers from think tanks, and enjoy a number of panel discussions looking at the need for a good Brexit deal, free market economics, improving national security, flying the British flag, localism, free speech, cultural libertarianism / integration, Snoopers Charter, the need to disaffiliate from the NUS, the folly of 3rd wave feminism, points-based migration system, a stronger Commonwealth, benefits of the Prevent strategy, and traditional values.

There will also be workshops on how to form a Chartists group / YBL society on your campus, how to recruit members, how to raise a petition your local MP / student union, public-speaking, and debating techniques.

There are several awards given by the Peopls’ Charter Director to notable young patriots – these usually include:
– The “Young Populist of the Year Award” is the highest award given at at the YBL Convention. It is awarded to a dedicated student who in the spirit of Brexit has gone beyond what would be usually expected by working extra hard ‘in the trenches’, with proven examples of beyond the ordinary activism on campus, despite strong opposition.
– “Defender of the Magna Carta Award” is given to a populist of any age who has be the most outstanding that year in actively campaining for democracy. Likely to be given in 2017 to a Brexiteer who was very vocal in campaigning for Brexit.
– “Campus Freedom Activist of the Year Award” is given to a populist activistswho has be the most outstanding that year in actively campaining for free speech on campus, against SJW / PC crap.
– “The People’s Charter’s Blogger of the Year Award” is given to a leading populist member of the blogosphere.
– “The People’s Charter’s Parliamentarian of the Year Award” is given to a member of Parliament who The People’s Charter Foundation feel has done the most to stand up for for populism, i.e. speaking out for free speech on campus.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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