Why the right fails in Britain

The last year, many in Britain looked with pleasure across the pond as we saw Donald J. Trump go from political underdog, the man no one said would be president, to just that: most powerful politician in the world. We look to our UK politics with disappointment. Our Conservative party, infested with far too many liberal globalists, sits to the left of the Republicans, almost identical to Hilary Clinton’s Democrats. UKIP fares little better, with Suzanne Evans and Paul Nuttall having pushed to draw their party centre, desperate to fall into favour with the liberal mainstream media.

As we look at the Northern Hemisphere, scanning from the USA across to the EU, liberalism, globalism, cultural Marxism, whatever term you wish to settle on, the problem only gets worse as one moves eastwards, except for the Visegrad states. Britain may not be riddled with socialism to the degree of say France, led by Macron the cuck, or Germany, led by Merkel, the most powerful woman in Europe, who has done possibly the most to harm women, by letting in fake refugees. However, we clearly lack a proper right-wing movement in Britain.

We have the wrong people leading the right, especially in Britain. Our politics are dominated by sycophants. From David Cameron, to Nick Clegg, to Tony Blair, to Paul Nuttall, all these characters are essentially the same. They are all speaking for the liberal elite. They are all politically correct.

Looking deeper at the right, while these words would not describe everyone, certainly there are many persons in influence who show no real conviction, and do not care for any right-wing principles, but rather are incredibly power-hungry egos, who will do anything to gain power; say anything, stand by anything. These people do not have an ounce of patriotism in them, but rather seem to be sociopathic. In fact, the British “right” is not truly right at all, but home to too many pretenders who are rather just a bunch of latte liberals, champagne socialists, sneering at the plebs. Watered-down cultural Marxism. In fact, too many in the Tory party, especially in London, Wales and Scotland, are no different to the LibDems, just internationalists who sneer at plebs, and think nationalism is for the common folk.

Generally, any election, as things currently stand, whoever you vote for, you just receive some flavour of liberalism, with the worst offering of late having been Corbyn, who is a Stalinist fruitcake. Due to the First Past the Post system, Britain is effectively a two-party state, which elections being a red/blue two horse race. With one in eight votes general election before last, UKIP only gained one seat in the lower house. Mixed-Member Proportional Representation would better reflect the will of the people, but meanwhile, the two main parties, even also LibDems almost entirely, and parts of UKIP of recent, are infested by liberals, be it the Blairites of Labour, or the “one nation” groupings within the Tories, such as Tory Reform, or Bright Blue, who sit at contrast to any true conservative.

While there are persons in the Tory party, such as Jacob Rees-Mogg, who are truly patriotic, the Conservative party is dominated by globalists, so called “cuckservatives”. The true patriots control no party, but are divided. Some in the Tories, some in UKIP, some back independents. Even UKIP is divided, with Etheridge making absolutely pathetic statements to impress the liberal media, unfairly suggesting Anne Marie Waters is supposedly a “neo-Nazi” or, though no evidence was presented in the piece, implying she burnt a Quran. Not that long ago, Hookem was accused of living up to his name,  by knocking out Steven Woolfe. The right needs to stop fighting amongst itself, and focus on eradicating Britain of Islamism and cultural Marxism, threats as evil, if not more evil, than Nazism, considering Stalin murdered more than vile Hitler.

In Canada, from around 1996 to 2003, there was a Unite the Right movement, to bring together those who loved their homeland. Be they High Tories or working class patriots, at this critical hour, those who love Britain need to stand together against Brussels, against Islamism, against Corbyn’s Stalinist rhetoric and, as accused, IRA sympathising. To ever get a true right-wing government, bridges need to be built. Patriots vary, some like Jacob Rees-Mogg, others Farage, and still others Tommy Robinson, but they share a love of British values. If somehow the more patriotic members of the Conservatives could break away and unite with Farage and UKIP; a schism that Mixed-Member Proportional Representation would prompt. If they would absorb to their ranks Banks’ hoped Patriotic Alliance, and the new UK Veteran’s and People’s Party. Instead in the UK, there is miserable fragmentation of the right, allowing the globalists easy victory.

However, they can be moved to support patriotic points of policy, even if the motivation may be suspect. For example, Farage succeeded in forcing a EU referendum. Clearly, there is a need more than ever for pressure groups to push our political parties right, because the only time a sycophant listens to the people, is when he, or she, fears a loss of votes. Only through protesting, of a style similar to the US tea party movement, can we move our politicians rightwards. Hence, the People’s Charter Foundation was formed, to give voice to the people, to remind the politicians want we really want.

A stone’s throw from the House of Commons sit “thinktanks” such as the Adam Smith Institute, and the IEA, who claim to be bastions of Thatcherism, but clearly they left such ideology decades ago, as they enthusiastically backed the plonker Gary Johnson over Trump. These days, these “libertarian” groups have been found to be infiltrated by cultural Marxist ideology such as papers calling for open borders, multiculturalism, internationalism, love of the EU, and even the director of the ASI calls himself quite openly, a “globalist”. The IEA wasted money on a pro-EU ‘free movement’ pamphlet by a Phillipe Legrain, none other than a former adviser to European Commission president José Manuel Barros. They are staffed by EU students and graduates who studied in London, and passionately love the EU. The ASI director, an Irishman, said his British “neighbours” are too “stupid” to have the vote because they want immigration control.

These groups would balk at domestic economic protectionism, when it is exactly what is needed to secure British jobs for British workers in a time of austerity. Trump is right to move jobs from Mexico back to USA, and Britain should be getting jobs relocated from Indian call centres and Chinese factories back to the Midlands and the Welsh valleys. Sure, the likes of Richard Branson may not make so much money, but who cares, for he long turned his back on the British, locating his business in Switzerland to dodge British tax, despite having British staff, who rely on working tax credits to get by, and sunbathing in his Caribbean island.

One of the few places in Britain that seems to show any right-wing attitude is Ulster, home to the indigenous Irish people, historically known as the Scoti. With the enthusiasm they show, marching in parades with the Union Jack held high, I look with disappointment at London, no longer really English, where the British flag is deemed a hate symbol. The lack of any sense of either nationalism or patriotism in this isle, except for a few Scottish Marxists’ determination, unwanted even in Scotland, to sever this union, shows how weak our “right” really is. Americans proudly display their flag on schools, homes, even their pickup trucks. Meanwhile, Britain has completely caved to the multiculturalist agenda of the Frankfurt school.

We see terrorism rise in our cities; a result of decades of failed integration. We see mass unemployment across the Welsh valleys and the North of England, due to jobs having been moved overseas to make a quick buck for a few. We hear accounts of children abused across our cities by Islamist grooming gangs, while it is said that police did not act for fear of being called “racist”. How much pain is enough? Will you just stand and watch Britain burn? Or will your stand at this critical hour, to say it is time to make Britain great again? Will you not just demand for, but help build, a right-wing patriotic movement that has the people at heart?

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