We won the referendum. But without the people, we could still lose Britain

The vote to leave the European Union signalled a seismic shift in British politics. Had the Remain Campaign won by even the slimmest margin, the UK would have been condemned to irreversible political and economic integration into a federalised European super state, with little opportunity for further political challenge to the globalist establishment.

But the Leavers won: we convinced a majority of the voting public that liberty, political accountability and national sovereignty are in their interest. We successfully made the case that the ideologically driven, globalist agenda of multiculturalism has profoundly affected British communities across the country, radically undermining British culture and rendering many of us strangers in our own towns and cities.

An extraordinary opportunity for the renewal of British culture, pride and patriotism is now firmly in reach. Sustained and conscious effort by those who argued and campaigned for the UK to withdraw from the EU did much to win the referendum, but to claim certain victory at this critical stage is woefully dangerous.

Inherent to victory is the risk of defeat. The experience of glory and pride borne from a successful struggle against all odds is among the most powerful and energetic states of the human mind. But, risk abounds at every turn. Such moments may enthuse and inspire further productive action, but can also generate undue complacency and over-confidence which can be easily exploited by the opposition. It is incumbent upon all of us to continue action and argument.

We have to bring the people with us. The primary essence of the nation is the people who are a part of it, who are then united in a common bond of respect by the values, cultures and traditions they share. The opponents of British liberty and sovereignty have over generations attempted to dismantle this bond, holding patriotism and the nation with sneering contempt. Instead, they favour a vision of ‘global citizens’ governed through a centralised, technocratic bureaucracy. They have not stopped, and neither should we.

Bringing the people with us means that campaigning for the continued existence of our nation cannot end with the referendum result and the triggering of Article 50. The victory we have enjoyed is under critical threat, and to forget this is to put that success, and the future of our nation, at serious risk.

Now is the time to renew our resolve, pushing Britain forward into the 21st Century as a sovereign nation-state with cultural pride and dignity. To do this, we need to keep winning the hearts and minds of the people. Our opponents, enraged by our successes so far, are busily engaged in the same.

This is the only chance we have to see the love with which we hold our nation made manifest in political, economic and cultural reality. To see this through to the end, we cannot sit on our laurels and sink into quiet complacency. We won the referendum, but without continuing to win the people, we could still lose Britain.

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