The People’s Charter Foundation is a non-partisan traditionalist campaign group run by diverse group of passionate UKIP, Tory, and other patriots. We demand for traditional family values, a proper Brexit, very low immigration, cultural integration, and the rule of law. We work closely with the Bruges Group, the Campaign for Independent Britain, Veterans Against Terrorism, the Bow Group, MBGA News, and Better Off Out.

Director: Luke Nash-Jones
Treasurer/Secretary: Martin Costello

Comms Committee

Comms Officer/Asst Secretary: Victoria Holland
Victoria supports some technical aspects of our website and manages our blog.

Web Content Editor: Billy Scott
Billy researches, writes and checks the text, images and other media published online.

Media: David Baker, Edward Howard

Young Chartists Committee

Chair of Young Chartists Committee: Charlie Sammonds


National Coordinator: David Baker

The following are regional chapters of supporters of the People’s Charter Foundation.



  • Greater London Chapter
  • Southern England Chapter
  • Wales (Cymru) Chapter
  • Midlands Chapter
  • East Anglia Chapter
  • Northern England Chapter
  • Northern Ireland Chapter
  • Scotland Chapter

Chair of the Greater London Chartists: Luke Nash-Jones  (the Greater London chapter is run by the People’s Charter Foundation itself.)

Chair of East Anglian Chartists: Victoria Holland

Chair of Northern English Chartists:  Tommy English

Chair of Southern England Chartists: Martin Costello

Chair of Northern Ireland Chartists: Billy Scott

Patrons of the People’s Charter Foundation

  • Robert Oulds, Chair of The Bruges Group
  • Sean Gabb, Director of the Libertarian Alliance and Mises UK
  • Andreas Kohl, Board Member of the Foundation for the Advancement of Liberty
  • Gintas Vilkelis, Director of Localism 2.0
  • Elizabeth Jones, UKIP NEC
  • Anthony Vander Elst, Founder of the Selsdon Group