Three Critical Issues We Must Confront Post-Brexit

For decades, we have, in my personal opinion, been governed by complete and utter cowards, who when it comes to confronting harsh realities, prefer to indulge in pathetic virtue signalling & thought policing, instead of confronting the issues, and if that doesn’t work they run into their self constructed safe spaces. We live in a society where to both the media and political establishment, feelings matter more than facts, where avoiding causing offence matters more than the reality.

I believe that we must now take on the issues that our current politically correct establishment and liberal media are far too weak and spineless to address, the issues that the ordinary man and woman on the streets want urgently discussed and addressed. We must never be scared of offending the mainstream media and certain communities, most of whom will never vote for us. We must ensure that we always put our own culture, people, and national interest first. There is a extreme form of political correctness in our country, for example Rotherham child grooming and zero prosecutions on FGM.

Post Brexit there are three critical era-defining issues that we must have the bravery and courage to confront:

1 The societal and cultural side of mass immigration,

2. A failed policy of multiculturalism, a complete lack of integration and assimilation in every major British city.

3. The rise of Islamic Jihad and Sharia.

The introduction of direct democracy by parties, as has been adopted by UKIP, giving all members a direct say on official party policy will give a cutting edge and it will make the general public feel that their genuine views and concerns are being addressed. This has worked in Italy for the 5 Star Movement and it will work in the UK as well.

To those who believe that we should run a mile from the aforementioned issues and become more ‘mainstream’. I say to say to you “What will you say to your children and other future generations when the next Rotherham, 7/7, Lee Rigby, Westminster Jihadist attack happens, or when the next few thousand British born citizens look to go off and do the next Jihad for the next ISIS equivalent?”

There will come a stage soon when the demographics are far too big for the security services. Will you say that you refused to lift a finger because you were scared of being called “Racist” or “Xenophobic” or any other buzzwords that the leftists use to shut down the debate? What will it take for you to realise that there are very big problems in modern day Britain that must be confronted now, not in 20 years’ time or later. Time is running out for our country, and one day it will be too late.

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