Syrian refugee “felt oppressed” by Stop the War protest

Syrian refugee, Hassan Akkad from Damascus, “felt oppressed” when shouted down by Stop the War anti-Trump protesters.

The protest in Downing Street on Friday evening was against the American attack on a Syrian airbase.

Mr Akkad left Syria in September 2015. He says he was imprisoned twice and tortured for protesting against Assad’s regime.

He says of the Stop the War protestors: “I didn’t see them protesting against the chemical attacks, I didn’t see them protesting against Putin bombing Syria for the last two years.

“I wanted to go to that protest and I wanted to observe.

“I went to the protest and I saw a group of 30 people with placards, not a single mention of Assad.

“All the placards are against Donald Trump and they’re repeating baseless slogans with their megaphones.”

He added: “I went to them respectfully and said, ‘Listen I’m a Syrian refugee who lives here and I have an opinion, it’s a protest about Syria I want to say something’.

“They didn’t even address me, they ignored my existence. With their megaphones they went louder and louder and the organisers told them to carry on.”

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