Swindon Advertiser planning hit-job on Deputy Chairman of the People’s Charter Foundation

I’m very disappointed but sadly not surprised that Advertiser reporter Tom Haworth who is chummy with Jim Robbins (who trolls me on Twitter) and the other Labour rabble who were striking outside the Adver offices recently is trying to do a hit job on me by taking my comment out of context.

Chris Humphreys (who also had a dislike for me for unknown reasons) tried something similar to my friend and colleague Luke Nash-Jones but was promptly put back in his place and the article was never run. Pro-Israel campaign group Eye on Antisemitism called Chris out for his false claim that Nash-Jones (who has often been seen marching with an Israeli flag) is supposedly “far right”. Ambrosine Shitrit from Eye on Antisemitism says that the Adver rudely hung the phone up on her. Nash-Jones works with the Jewish community, while Swindon’s fake news outlet hangs the phone up on them!

Despite Tom’s questions trying to imply some racism, as I clarified on the phone yesterday, Swindon is indeed turning into a slum like other similar towns in the country. The hospitals are full, fly tipping is on the rise, the roads are chocker, crime is up, school class sizes are far too big and there is a housing crisis making it impossible for our young to get homes. Some of these factors can be directly related to pressure on our population – it is simply about numbers and nothing else. You will not hear the mainstream media talk of these things.

As I also said and you on the phone and you clearly chose to ignore, there is nothing wrong with CONTROLLED immigration – i.e getting staff from overseas such as India and the Philippines to fill gaps as the NHS is doing. We do not want more unskilled immigrants which will add more pressure to our infrastructure that simply cannot cope. It is utter madness to allow a city the size of Birmingham every couple of years (2nd largest city in the UK) on to our shores when we have these problems. We never voted or asked for this.

The establishment, businesses etc love mass immigration as they can then exploit cheap labour while we see houses being cut up to support multiple occupancies because of the lack of housing – these are no places for people to live in! I have been told that people are living in garages and sheds – how long before we do see this increase creating shanty towns?

I’d like those who support mass immigration to tell me when they think enough is enough? With the open border policy that we have under the EU, potentially up to 500 million people can come and live here – imagine what that would do to our country!

Those who are elected do not care about the lives of ordinary Swindonians. Believe me I had no intention of getting so heavy involved in politics but I feel I have to step up not only for my daughter or my fellow Swindonians, but the country. People are sick of politicians lying and promising the world, we just want the truth and for those elected to remember that they work for us!

Stop trying to make me out some sort of bogyman when I’m fighting for YOUR children and YOUR grandchildren, YOUR NHS, YOUR schools, YOUR laws, YOUR borders, YOUR economy and YOUR FUTURE!

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