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Dear Mr Burnham,

I write on behalf of the People’s Charter Foundation, which is named after the document that the Chartists signed in 1838, demanding that the people be granted the vote. We want for politicians to hear the concerns of the people.

I share with you an attached letter written by one of our Manchester supporters, David Winder, as well as the names of those who have signed a petition in support of his words.

Regards the UK Against Hate march through the city of Manchester on Sunday, you tweeted, “To those saying they weren’t EDL – I honestly don’t care. They still need to take a long, hard look at themselves. @gmpolice deserve better.” Your choice of the letters “EDL” was a reference to an organisation that Antifa claims are a racist group, even though the march was led by a racially diverse panel of speakers. Your attempt to demonise the British people who were simply marching for peace and gay rights is a blatant, condescending attack on the electorate who your are supposed to represent.

Your suggestion the police were burdened is an insinuation of mass violence. Such is unreasonable considering 8 arrests occurred compared to the 24 at the Parklife event. I was present at the event, and the only violence was by the terrorist organisation Antifa, who has worrying links to your own political party’s youth wing, and perhaps hence why you neglected to mention who actually caused the violence.

While the man you look up to as leader, Jeremy Corbyn can somehow not just seek peace talks with Islamic terrorists Hamas and Hezbollah, some of the most evil people on the planet, but call them his “friends”, you somehow can’t even march with Tommy Robinson, David Ramos, and Mohammed Fiaz to call for an end to violence. People could be forgiven for thinking your party sympathises with terrorism, because even Diane Abbott, John McDonnell, and Jeremy Corbyn blatantly have expressed support of those that attack our nation.

You have rejected people of Manchester because you fear a loss of votes for the Labour party. If you truly wanted for peace, for an end to hate, you would call for everyone, including the leaders of the mosques, as well as you and your political party, to stand together in solidarity.

As the mayor of Manchester, after such a horrific attack on the city by fundamentalist Muslims, it is not helpful for you to downplay the cause of this violence. The responsible thing for you to do, what we demand of you, is that you urgently meet with leaders of mosques in Manchester and call on them for more help to remove these hate preachers from their community.

I eagerly await your public retraction and apology for calling the British people, including the people of Manchester, racists for their opposition to terrorism.

Yours faithfully,

Luke Nash-Jones,
The People’s Charter Foundation

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Attached letter by David Winder:

I want to point out to you a few issues I have with you labelling myself and many other ordinary members of the public as being part of the far right. On Sunday I walked silently in Manchester, my place of birth, against Islamic terrorism on our streets. I was surrounded by women, children and grandparents all expressing an opinion that enough is enough and this needs dealing with. For you to label those people in such a way to make myself and them appear as worthy of contempt shows just how out of touch you are on this issue. Islamic terrorism killed 22 people on the steps of the Arena. It did so and yet you and others like you ran to the nearest mosque to show support for that community, despite that community not being the one under attack.

Now all communities can breed terrorists, you are always happy to attempt an equivalence between the apparent far right crank who killed Jo Cox and the jihadis on our streets who have killed 40 people in the last 4 weeks. Yet here is the thing, there is no equivalence, Mr Burnham and for you suggest as such is an affront to the memory of those who were killed for a campaign of religious belief, no matter how extreme.

I find it galling that one far right extremist is enough for you to tar an entire march of concerned working class people, yet you describe any Islamic terror attack as a lone wolf operation and in no way a reflection of the wider Muslim community. Like many I see through your hypocrisy on this matter and I’m aware of the Labour Party’s involvement with the organisation MEND (Muslim Engagement & Development), which receives taxpayers money to fund its activities with a Muslim-centric agenda. Their own website states how they can disproportionately affect an election result and they even claim to have delivered 32 seats in the last General Election for Labour. Now this is my point Mr Burnham, I know that you are a career politician and I know that you can and will bend with the wind on many issues, and in this instance you need to seriously take a step back and reflect on what you have just done.

There were eight people arrested at this march, yet fifty five arrested at Parklife over the same weekend. Yet according to you only one is warranted for criticism. I put it to you that having GMP deal with the aftermath of a terrorist attack which left 22 dead is more of a strain on their resources than the policing of a march with 8 arrests for ordinary people protesting against the terror which you have allowed onto our streets and into our communities.

We never brought that threat here Mr Burnham, you and the rest of the political elite did but now you wish to smear and undermine those protesting against it. Now when I read a story in today’s Manchester Evening News, where you are suggesting the banning of future marches like this based on your phoney story and smears of the people there and using the excuse of unnecessary strain on policing then I have news for you Mr Burnham. We don’t live in your Stasi state yet, this is Manchester and I’ve lived here for 45 years since my birth and if you go down this path I promise you that I will bring the largest protest that this City has ever seen to your door. It is everyone’s democratic right to protest.

This City and its people have a history of refusing to be silenced, Mr Burnham, and in this region we will not tolerate yet more Labour politicians refusing to listen to the working class about problems within the Muslim community which has an impact on them, in order to preserve that bloc vote for your own grip on electoral success.

You and your ilk shouted down people whose children were suffering at the hands of Muslim grooming gangs in Rochdale for the sake of community relations and now you are attempting to silence those same working class people who are genuinely afraid for the lives of their children. Think long and hard Mr Burnham before you embark on this route as when the only voice speaking for the working class on this issue is Tommy Robinson then that is dangerous and that failure is yours and it will bring your downfall.

Yours disgustedly,

David Winder,

Manchester Chartists

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  1. How this man ever became mayor of Manchester defeats all manner of decency. When he opens his mouth the lies and deceit tumble out, there is no sincerity in this man, he is incapable of being a decent being…

  2. He should be ashamed of himself and think,about the British people, Before he opens his mouth

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