People’s Charter Foundation: Article 50 Statement

The People’s Charter Foundation is a loud, patriotic voice for the grassroots anti-EU movement within the UK. We will always stand up for British freedom, British interests, and British values.

On this day, 29th March 2017, the European Council is in receipt of the UK’s notification under Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty of the United Kingdom’s intention to withdraw from the European Union.

This is an historic day for our great nation, surpassed only in recent times by the EU referendum of 23rd/24th June 2016. The British people’s call for liberty and self-determination must now be put into action.

The UK Government under Theresa May has a profound duty to fulfil the will of the British people. Any agreements made by the UK Government in the coming negotiations must keep faith to that duty.

In doing so, the People’s Charter Foundation stresses the following four fundamental requirements of any UK/EU agreement:

1. Nullification of the authority of the European Court of Justice over UK law. No longer can the UK Parliament and Judiciary be in any way subservient to a remote, unaccountable European bureaucracy. The UK is to be a Sovereign nation once again.

2. Withdrawal from the EU Single Market. The UK as with almost every other non-EU country in the world will continue to trade with the EU when it has officially left. The stifling regulatory burdens of the single market must no longer be mandatory, but a choice for UK businesses alone to make.

3. End to free movement. The time has come for a radical overhaul of UK immigration policy. A rational, needs based immigration system will enable us to control our borders whilst still attracting talent and valued skills from around the world.

4. End to mandatory financial contributions once the UK has officially left the EU. Any accounts must be settled by the time the UK has officially withdrawn. Given that the UK has for decades been a key net contributor to the EU, unreasonable exit bills and demands for continued post-withdrawal contributions must be rejected.

If the Government cannot negotiate a deal which keeps faith to at least these four points, then there is no choice but to leave without having negotiated a formal agreement.

Anything less would be a dangerous betrayal of the British people, which will not be accepted. The political implications of such a betrayal would be unprecedented.

The great challenge ahead brings with it the opportunity for freedom and prosperity to blossom in our great nation.

This great patriotic movement, of which the People’s Charter Foundation is part, is growing every day. We invite you all to join us in campaigning for freedom, prosperity and British values.

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