Patriotism in modern Britain

Whether mainstream British media and politicians show a patriotic confidence in their country has recently made the headlines. At one time such a thought would barely have drawn a whisper or a raised eyebrow. Patriotism was a prerequisite for a position of responsibility and influence.

Consider how today’s Remoaners would have been treated in wartime Britain. They would have been the person in the air raid shelter, whilst bombs fell on London, loudly proclaiming that Britain couldn’t make it on its own, it was too weak, it was doomed to be defeated and that our only hope of salvation lay in capitulation. At that time, such pessimism and national negativity would have drawn derision and rightful scorn. Such thoughts distract and demoralise people from the task which they face and causes a debilitating depression to enter the national psyche.

How times have changed, the nation has experienced a sea change in its consciousness, to one where now leftist ideas now represent the cultural hegemony. They dominate the teaching environments in our children’s schools, they pervade the mainstream media and have infiltrated our national consciousness.

What once was considered leftist, defeatism, is now the new centrist, norm. Patriotism now draws uneasy gasps in our daily conversations and scorn on social media. Cynicism and pessimism is admired and applauded. How have we fallen so far and created a national culture so paralysed to confront the challenges it currently faces. Brexit and global terrorism are significant challenges to our nation, just as complex and requiring of a concerted national effort, as other periods in our national history. Instead of confronting the opposition with 9 team members constantly complaining that we cannot win and refusing to talk about how to win, let’s form an all 11 side, confident and concerted in its efforts.

Nobody is advocating a team that breaks the rules of the game and tries to invade the Polish pitch, but we have to drop our current national team, which doesn’t like the concept of competition, doesn’t want to be affiliated to a British team and doesn’t even like the idea of our team beating its opponents. Our current team is ham strung and doomed to failure. The team that works together, confidently takes on its opponents and cannot conceive of failure, will always win out. The question we have to ask ourselves is, do we want to win?

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