Non-partisan Pro-Brexit Rally (Cardiff)

Saturday 13th of January 2018
Cardiff Bay railway station
(Marching to The National Assembly for Wales, Cardiff Bay, CF99 1NA)
MASSIVE RALLY against outsourcing of Welsh jobs to India and China. Over the past decades, mines and factories have been shut down, resulting in poverty. We demand the Welsh Assembly join us in a call for higher tax on imports – companies need to start recruiting the Welsh people again.
Neil Hamilton, Leader of UKIP Wales
Gareth Bennett AM
Glen Gogerly, UKIP Stroud
Luke Nash-Jones, Director of The People’s Charter Foundation
Martin Costello, UKIP Swindon
Ben Walker, UKIP Bristol
This rally does not represent any political party, and party symbols are not welcome, even on clothing. No masks. Keep hoodies down. No sticks. No fireworks or flares. Nazi imagery not welcome. (Genuine racists not welcomed).We are walking peacefully to show Britain is fed up with the government allowing our jobs to be given away. No signs and banners are welcome on anything but polite observation broadly calling for our jobs to be brought back home. Strictly no chants are welcome except the phrases on the official placard for the event.Encourage those walking beside you to oblige with the above. This is very important: The media naturally will not appreciate a march against globalism – don’t give them something negative to report. If the #AltLeft turn up, don’t react aggressively like they want, but remain calm, and ignore them unless under literal physical violent attack, and then only respond as is lawful. This march MUST be peaceful.

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