Next Brexit rally: 25th of Feburary

PUBLIC STATEMENT: Thank you for your support of the struggle for real Brexit. We must not give up on our demand to stop the EU free movement policy. We must regain control of our borders.

We are a non-partisan group, that arranged the Brexit rallies in November and December. We’d invite people to work with and support our efforts, rather than arrange partisan events.

Link to 25th of February Rally event details

We are happy to work with any other non-partisan group with the same objective, for example, we collaborate with the Bruges group, the Campaign for Independent Britain, the Bow group, and Better Off Out – four of the main Brexit campaign groups, who have been fighting for Brexit for decades, and all of which spoke at our rally.

People think the party rally on Monday is one of our events, due to his unapproved use of our logo. That event action is in no way affiliated to ourselves – we did seek to include the organiser in our rally, but such is impossible while he continues to make defamatory unprofessional comments online about a number of hardworking passionate Brexit campaigners. There was also an issue with accepting local authority regulations – we have a positive relationship with the police force and the local council, and wish to maintain such.

Thank you again everyone for your support. We look forward to seeing you at our next official rally on February the 25th. Let’s make the voice of the people heard! #NoSingleMarket #NoOpenBorders

Link to Rally event details

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