In 1215, Magna Carta, “the Grand Charter”, granted free men a voice. The English Civil War questioned whether Parliament or the monarch was supreme. In 1838, another Charter was written, the People’s Charter, demanding for universal suffrage. There was also the battle of the Suffragettes.

Today, in 2016, the People’s Charter was written, to demand our freedom – the result of the June the 23rd referendum must be accepted. We work closely with the Bruges Group, the Campaign for Independent Britain, the Bow Group, and Better Off Out.

The demands of the new Chartist movement are as follows:

  • 1. Leave the EU: a points-based migration policy, and leave the ‘single market’;
  • 2. Government to be downsized: the national budget must be balanced and taxes lower;
  • 3. Not be ashamed of British national flags;
  • 4. A strong military is essential;
  • 5. Integration: To require English as our core language, resist multiculturalism, and oppose political correctness;
  • 6. In the spirit of the 1838 Charter’s sixth point that was never realised, for the right to recall bad MPs;

This year saw the success of the people from all backgrounds standing up to the establishment and demanding our freedom. This spirit must keep going forward and not fade! The People’s Charter Foundation was established to promote democracy and freedom for all Britons, regardless of their race, gender, sexuality or religion.


We welcome you to form in your constituency a Chartists group that stands for the six points above, and protests not just for Brexit but all of the above. It is time to stand up to the establishment. Please establish a Facebook group, [Your Constituency] Chartists and invite your friends to join.

The “chattering classes” of the Islington metropolitan elite, many who worked in the arts and non-profits, never had a real job and are completely out of touch with the people. Enough is enough. The people won’t accept this any longer.

Please Sign the Charter below.