National Protests – Jan 21st

Steven Woolfe, Robert Oulds, and Brendan Chilton Addressing London Pro-Brexit Rally on the 21st of January

The People’s Charter Foundation, whose recent series of #PeopleHaveSpoken pro-Brexit protests, have featured in the media have announced a new event in collaboration with the Bruges Group. The next pro-Brexit rally will be on Saturday the 21st of Jan as requested by the people.

Our “full Brexit” campaign is non-partisan, welcoming all the 52%. We are bringing together as many Brexiteers as possible for a Pro-Brexit Rally on Jan 21st at the George V Statue, opposite the Houses of Parliament. Please see The Peoples Charter Facebook page for more details. Please support and share.

Speakers attending on Jan 21st in London so far include:
– Robert Oulds, Chair, The Bruges Group;
– Rory Broomfield, Director, BETTER OFF OUT;
– John Petley Operations Manager, Campaign for an Independent Britain;
– Steven Woolfe MEP;
– Brendan Chilton, General Secretary of Labour Leave;
– Andrew Rosindell MP, Conservatives, and Advisor to Friends of the British Overseas Territories;
– Elizabeth Jones, UKIP;
– Alex Nieora, UKIP;
– Simon Gibb, Libertarian Home;
– Luke Nash-Jones, The People’s Charter Foundation;
– Joshua Thomas, Young Britons for Liberty;
(Speakers list may be subject to change according to schedules of MPs/MEPs)


Let’s make the next rally even bigger!

The People’s Charter Foundation was established to promote democracy and freedom for all Britons, regardless of their race, gender, sexuality or religion. Luke Nash-Jones, founder of this new Chartist movement calling for democracy states, “Our aim is simply to remind that the MPs that they ought to represent the people who elect them. While we all hope May will take us out the EU, we can’t help wonder why she didn’t immediately invoke Article 50. There’s a pattern occurring of delay, press leak, then reassurance. Philip Hammond has implied that Brexit won’t occur by March 2017 – that month is critical, because from then onwards, changes to EU law will mean that Britain will require approval of 55% of EU states to invoke Article 50.”

Let’s make the next rally even bigger!

David Baker, Branch Chairman of Surrey Chartists, expressed what motivates the movement: “There are a number of ongoing attempts to use our courts to thwart the will of the people. There’s even talk of an appeal to the European Court of Justice. The people have spoken – the matter was opened to us to decide upon and we voted.” The BBC reveals how bad the Brexit court ruling is – the European court end up deciding on the matter!

You must join us for the protest #ThePeopleHaveSpoken on the 21st of January!

The plan in London is as follows:
11:00 – Gather outside the Houses of Parliament by George the V Statue
12:30- Once fully massed there will be a speeches – from MPs, MEPs, the Bruges Group, Bow Group, and others.
At some stage the MPs, including the Chancellor, will arrive, meaning the media will be about.
13:30- Media, Interviews, Photo’s and networking whilst quiet peaceful static protest.
13:50-14:00 Disbanding from the area, End of demonstration.
Make our way to a drinks reception with speakers

Here is the artwork of the banners and placards for the protest:

The organiser of a partisan event listing for the 23rd is using our intellectual property (branding) without our permission, and has made peculiar defamatory remarks about ourselves – for clarity: we are not a political party but a “full Brexit” campaign group similar to Leave.EU, Vote Leave, Leave Means Leave, and others. We arranged the Nov and Dec pro-Brexit rallies, and we look forward to seeing you all on the 21st. #ThePeopleHaveSpoken


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Nb. The views expressed in this article are that of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of People's Charter or any associated group such as the Young Chartists.

About the author: Luke Nash-Jones

Luke Nash-Jones is the Director of The People's Charter Foundation. He is a passionate campaigner for "proper Brexit", who opposes open borders and Sharia law.