Local elections: Labour bloodbath in Tory landslide

Muttering on BBC this morning, McDonnell tried to downplay the bloodbath they face; when your party colour is red, perhaps the wounds are not so easy to notice, but they are deep. While Labour may celebrate that Labour stalwart Andy Burnham has taken Manchester, this is no cause for jubilance, because the North and Midlands have long been their heartlands.

The significant result, that gives indication of the result of upcoming general election is the breaking news that Andy Street has taken the West Midlands mayorship, deep in red country. The results of the 2017 local elections are absolutely clear: even the Guardian admits it is a Conservative landslide. The people do not want a pro-IRA pro-Hamas anti-military anti-British scruffy Marxist for leader of our fine nation.

The Tories have won a whopping 541 seats so far, and are clearly making gains in Labour strongholds, where for generation after generation, people have voted for the party without question. This shows a clear sign of what the general election result will be, as for the first time, people who would usually despise the Tories are going against what is a tradition, and voting for Theresa. This is a massive breakthrough for the blues.

As Labour so far loses 366 seats, it is clear why there was such an emotive breakdown in their office on the day the election was called. They are completely out of touch with the British people, having been so laidback on Brexit. Ted Neather made it clear he opened the borders, because he noticed migrants are more likely to vote Labour, or as he put it, to “rub the right’s nose in diversity”.  They have betrayed the working class people, pandering to the elite who benefit from au pairs that live in slave like conditions, or cut out the Brits to employ migrants on less than the minimum wage or send jobs to China.

Desperate, the Labour party try to play on people’s fears, using cheap digs at the wealthy who fund our NHS. Do they take us for fools? Whack up taxes too high, the rich emigrate, and we all end up worse off. We have no time for these pathetic neo-communist positions on economics that would make Britain a basket case like Venezuela or Zimbabwe. We saw what they did to the economy last time they were in power; the nation is still picking up the pieces.

Meanwhile, as for Gina Miller, Tony Blair, and Tim Farron dreaming of some anti-Brexit victory through these general elections, this morning may have been a rude awakening. LibDems did not gain, but lost 36 seats. They’ve had a good hiding for the arrogance to tell us to vote again over the referendum because supposedly we, the plebs, are too thick to know what we are doing. Nonetheless, general elections are a little different to local elections, with different issues at play, so please do keep supporting BrexitPAC to stop Gina’s anti-Brexit campaign.

UKIP appears to have lost all bar one seat. Things have been tough for the purples since literally knocking out Woolfe, a man with potential for their Northern break-though. While some members of UKIP, even on the NEC, are supportive of our outlet, others have sent us irrational messages revealing the infighting, the wild conspiracies, and the cheap partisanship. If UKIP is to be a major challenger in elections in future years, it would need to form and promote a unique anti-establishment “Tea Party” manifesto that reflects its roots.

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