“Last Day of Silence” march

Saturday 23rd September 2017.

There will be a silent and powerful march through the London streets by all those who oppose terrorist extremism, the implementation of Sharia (FGM), and Islamist grooming gangs and terrorism. (Genuine racists NOT welcome.)

No longer shall we be gagged into submission by political correctness and negative stereotyping of anyone who opposes Sharia law as being a right wing “racist”! John Stuart Mill’s call for freedom of speech, that empowers freedom of religion, of belief, was a demand to tolerate debate of ideas, and thus allows for one to peacefully question ideologies.

Click GOING. Invite all your friends now.https://www.facebook.com/events/1709969049297984/

Let SADIQ KHAN know. WE DON’T think terrorism is “part and parcel” of life in London. We won’t accept it.

– Charge with treason anyone who fights for ISIS and returns
– Prosecute Islamist grooming gangs and parents who allow FGM
– Get war veterans off London streets and use their skills to form a homeguard to protect our city

– Luke Nash-Jones, Director, The People’s Charter Foundation
– Jonaya English, reporter for MBGA News
– Em Higgins
– Tommy English, Gays Against Sharia
– Anne Marie Waters, Sharia Watch
– Shazia Hobbs
– Simon Harris, vlogger

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