How we are fighting Gina Miller’s attempts to ruin Brexit

We seek to launch a counter pro-Brexit PAC. This general election, we must stand against the likes of Tony Blair, Tim Farron, Gina Miller and others, who will use these finances to try to get out of office any MP who supported Brexit.

Last week, the investment banker Gina Miller launched a crowdfunding campaign titled “Best for Britain” to raise £300,000 to hijack the snap general election to try and stop us leaving the EU.

The businesswoman – who last year led a legal challenge to stop Theresa May from triggering Article 50 without Parliament’s approval –  has pledged to funnel money to candidates from any party who are prepared to vote against the final Brexit deal. The cash will be poured into up to 100 marginal seats to help elect candidates who do not rule out the country remaining in the EU.

Richard Branson has reportedly donated tens of thousands of pounds to Miller’s campaign. The multi-billionaire founder of Virgin Group gave £25,000 to the campaign and provided Miller with office space to carry out the project, the Daily Mail reports. He has also deployed his key lieutenant, Virgin chairman Peter Norris, to help lead the effort as a board member. A spokesperson for Virgin confirmed that Branson had made donations — but refused to disclose the amount.

Branson lives outside the EU on his own island. He employs Brits, but moved his business to Switzerland to escape EU laws and taxes. EU open borders means uncontrolled immigration, higher unemployment, lower British wages and a boost to his profits.

Miller’s husband Alan Miller has business ties to George Soros: “Legendary investor George Soros is considering handing over $100m to new fund management company New Star Asset Management to invest for him. Soros previously held talks with Jupiter when it started the Jupiter Hedge Fund. That fund, run by Alan Miller, has moved with Miller to New Star. New Star chief executive Howard Covington refused to comment on whether discussions were taking place.” Source.  Miller herself has links with the True and Fair Foundation tied via a trusteeship with Soro’s very own Philanthropy Impact.

In response to this campaign by the globalist elites who want to keep the UK chained to the EU, the People’s Charter Foundation started its own crowdfunding campaign over the May Day bank holiday weekend.

Click here to STOP Gina Miller NOW

How will we spend the money?
It’s now time for us to oppose Gina Miller’s efforts, by campaigning against the candidates she backs. We must make sure people hear the truth.

We will fight to protect democracy, the will of the people, and ensure the real Brexit the nation voted for, including leaving the single market and achieving an Australian-style immigration system. We will also work with organisations with the same goals.

What will we do?
We will:

  • Campaign against anti-Brexit parliamentary candidates backed by Gina Miller.
  • Visit marginal seats with banners and placard boards to make sure the Lib Dems do not stop the democratic will of the people.
  • Under electoral law, we may only assign up to £20,000 for the 2017 General Election campaign. Therefore, any contribution beyond said figure, or anonymous, will be deemed as for generic activism by the People’s Charter Foundation, such as:
    • Campaigning for British values, low tax, an end to mass migration, and for cultural integration and unity;
    • A Brexit lecture on the 23rd of June, and other such events;
    • Research on securing a strong post-Brexit Britain;
    • The Young Chartists campaign against Marxist dominance of college campuses;
    • Office/young activism training space costs;
    • Petition app and blog development;
    • Equipment and content production at the patriotic outlet MBGA News.

The general election is on 8 June. Time is short: we have just a few weeks to raise this money and fight for Britain’s best interests.

Together we can help deliver the most significant tactical vote this country has ever seen.

Please make a donation at and share this link on your Facebook and Twitter pages to help us spread the word.

The future of our country is in the people’s hands!


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