Clegg, Blair and Soubry Want to Create Centrist Bloc

Nick Clegg has called on Blairites, Liberal Democrats, and the centrist Tory faction, to join together to mount an ideological response to Theresa May’s government. Terrified at the loss in the referendum by the globalist elite, Clegg wants to launch liberal bloc.

He suggested that Ken Clarke was closer to him than Brexit-supporting Tories. Some Tories agree – Remain campaigner Anna Soubry suggested someone ought to get on with creating a “moderate, sensible, forward-thinking” political party. Soubry, Chuka Umnunna and Clegg are leaders of the Open Britain, the pro-European lobbying group created out of the ashes of the official Remain campaign.

“Political parties are not sects,” said Clegg as he promised to work with anyone who sought to challenge the direction of British politics, arguing that Brexit was an “ideological coup” for small-state fanatics.

Welcoming Tony Blair’s new Institute for Global Change, which aims to re-energise the centre ground, he said, “I would welcome and embrace more thinking and writing and talking and speaking amongst liberal Conservatives, one-nation Conservatives, Liberal Democrats, centre-ground Labour folk who want to mount a proper ideological response to that.”

Clegg said it would be “flamingly obvious” to Labour in the south-west that the Lib Dems had the best chance of victory and to Lib Dems in the north that Labour did.


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About the author: Luke Nash-Jones

Luke Nash-Jones is the Director of The People's Charter Foundation. He is a passionate campaigner for "proper Brexit", who opposes open borders and Sharia law.

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