Breaking News: Essex students have voted to leave the hard-left NUS

Essex Students Union has been voting for a second time on a motion to quit the anti-Semitic hard-left propaganda machine, the National Union of Students. Jake Painter of the Essex University Young Independence states that the motion has succeeded. 59% (602 students) voted to leave the NUS while 41% (424 students) voted to remain. Last year a […]

Why Multi-culturalism?

We are told that certain abhorrent practices which are becoming more and more widespread within the UK such as Female Genital Mutilation, honour killings and forced marriage are cultural practices and not religious practices and many would agree with this statement. If this is the case then it raises the obvious question of why are […]

The #DeleteShopify campaign – an attempt to suppress freedom of expression?

While scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed on Friday night a post came up from the campaign group SumOfUs, promoting a recent protest against the e-commerce company Shopify, demanding that they stop running the online store for the Breitbart News website. SumOfUs describes itself as “a community of people from around the world committed to curbing […]

Twitter users pledge to pay for thousands of illegal immigrants to live in JK Rowling’s digs

Thousands of refugees could soon arrive on the doorsteps of author J.K. Rowling’s many mansions – if she accepts the offers of several Twitter users looking to cough up the money for plane tickets, that is. How did this magnificent outpouring of humanitarianism come about, you ask? Well, not long prior, J.K. Rowling had been […]

Please Donate to Promote Liberty to Young People

Young Britons for Liberty (YBL) is the largest and fastest-growing libertarian, classical liberal and liberal-conservative youth organisation in the country. Donate Now >> Watch the story here: _______________________________________________________________________ We seek to identify, educate and mobilise young activists (aged 35 and younger) interested in the traditional British concept of liberty based on the writings of Locke, […]