Response to Mr Moore’s threat of legal action

Response to Mr Moore’s threat of legal action against Luke Nash-Jones/People’s Charter: such has been reviewed by two lawyers and two law students. We were advised that it requires no formal written response, but rather to file a police report; besides which the police have stated that the correspondence address given by Mr Moore is […]

UK National Security Strategy: Brexit Opportunities (5)

Effective strategy seizes opportunities. Without retaining the fluidity to guide bold, decisive action when unexpected opportunities arise, strategy becomes unwieldly and loses its crucial directive power. But, effective strategy recognises opportunities for their specific merits and contexts. Not every opportunity is worth pursuing: expending time and resources in the pursuit of opportunities which are unlikely […]

We won the referendum. But without the people, we could still lose Britain

The vote to leave the European Union signalled a seismic shift in British politics. Had the Remain Campaign won by even the slimmest margin, the UK would have been condemned to irreversible political and economic integration into a federalised European super state, with little opportunity for further political challenge to the globalist establishment. But the […]

How we are fighting Gina Miller’s attempts to ruin Brexit

We seek to launch a counter pro-Brexit PAC. This general election, we must stand against the likes of Tony Blair, Tim Farron, Gina Miller and others, who will use these finances to try to get out of office any MP who supported Brexit. Last week, the investment banker Gina Miller launched a crowdfunding campaign […]

UK National Security Strategy – Threats: Border Insecurity & Subversion (4)

Threat appears in many guises. Emerging once again as a sovereign nation-state, the United Kingdom and its citizens face an evolving multiplicity of threats and hazards. Some clear, others ambiguous, to engage with these dangers in defence of the realm requires clear, strategic thinking. We noted in the previous instalment that national security for the […]