How we are fighting Gina Miller’s attempts to ruin Brexit

We seek to launch a counter pro-Brexit PAC. This general election, we must stand against the likes of Tony Blair, Tim Farron, Gina Miller and others, who will use these finances to try to get out of office any MP who supported Brexit. Last week, the investment banker Gina Miller launched a crowdfunding campaign […]


We call for you to sign below to say you reject this “open borders” nonsense and call for Britain to take control of our borders, via a points-based migration system, to which the only concession could be for our brethren in Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Click here to sign the petition now! We are […]

Boycott Virgin

Share if you agree! #BoycottVirgin #SlickRick lives outside the EU in his own island. He employs Brits, but two-faced Ricky moved his business to Switzerland to escape EU laws and taxes. EU open borders means uncontrolled immigration, higher unemployment, lower British wages and a boost to his profits. Some patriot he is! Boycott Virgin now. […]


BBC’s Norman Smith slams Britain as “just a little island” not good enough to have a trade deal with the USA. Trump, soon to be leader of the world’s leading economy, has offered to trade more with Britain post-Brexit, and the BBC ridiculously dissed his offer as misguided. Why are we paying tax money for […]