Newcastle march with Veterans Against Terrorism

Join us on the 17th Feb 2018 to march in Newcastle with Veterans Against Terrorism. Event details can be found on Facebook: Speakers: – RB Inman, Veterans Against Terrorism – Toni Bugle, MARIAS – Luke Nash-Jones, People’s Charter Foundation – Mo Fyaz, Multi-Racial Alliance Tackling Extremism We march against Islamist jihadist terror in our […]

Across Britain, Brexiteers March Against Theresa May’s Affront to Democracy

The British people are without question some of the most polite, well-mannered, and cultured in the history of mankind. However, if we are pushed too far, our blood can boil, as discovered the neo-liberal elite this weekend that just passed. Across the UK, in Cardiff, Nottingham, and London, the People’s Charter Foundation held a number […]

Pro-Brexit Rallies Nationwide – In the Spirit of the Chartists

We are not currently in an election campaign; all Brexiteers, whatever party, must work together. Half of Leave voters were Tories, quarter were Labour. Our current goal must be a non-partisan effort to encourage the government for firmer Brexit negotiations. Only party neutral banners are welcome, similar to those of Vote Leave, and Grassroots Out. […]

“Last Day of Silence” march

Saturday 23rd September 2017. London There will be a silent and powerful march through the London streets by all those who oppose terrorist extremism, the implementation of Sharia (FGM), and Islamist grooming gangs and terrorism. (Genuine racists NOT welcome.) No longer shall we be gagged into submission by political correctness and negative stereotyping of anyone […]