We won the referendum. But without the people, we could still lose Britain

The vote to leave the European Union signalled a seismic shift in British politics. Had the Remain Campaign won by even the slimmest margin, the UK would have been condemned to irreversible political and economic integration into a federalised European super state, with little opportunity for further political challenge to the globalist establishment. But the […]

How we are fighting Gina Miller’s attempts to ruin Brexit

We seek to launch a counter pro-Brexit PAC. This general election, we must stand against the likes of Tony Blair, Tim Farron, Gina Miller and others, who will use these finances to try to get out of office any MP who supported Brexit. https://www.gofundme.com/makehardbrexithappen Last week, the investment banker Gina Miller launched a crowdfunding campaign […]

Breaking News: Essex students have voted to leave the hard-left NUS

Essex Students Union has been voting for a second time on a motion to quit the anti-Semitic hard-left propaganda machine, the National Union of Students. Jake Painter of the Essex University Young Independence states that the motion has succeeded. 59% (602 students) voted to leave the NUS while 41% (424 students) voted to remain. Last year a […]