Stop defending fundamentalist Islam; ban it!

Lighting candles, changing Facebook photos, and so on, these are certainly gestures with good intent, but by no means sufficient a reaction. This will not stop people fighting for ISIS and returning to the UK with little objection. It will not overcome the fact the 90% of Islamic preachers (imams) are from countries where fundamentalist […]

Great Britain should look closely at how Venezuela’s democracy has been destroyed

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to travel to London and participate in an activity prepared by the Venezuelan community living in Great Britain. The intention of that gathering, which was also held in many other major cities in world was, and still is, to universally, publicly, and undoubtedly show the atrocities […]

Lib Dems manifesto demands a second EU referendum

Don’t just whine from your sofa. We need action to stop the Progressive Alliance! DONATE NOW! The Lib Dems, the party whose name lays claim to being an advocate of democracy, have finally come clean about their determination to fight the people. The Liberal Democrats have put a second EU referendum at the heart […]