Which political party do you support?

We are not affiliated to any political party. We are a British identitarian pressure group, which seeks to encourage the government and political parties to adopt patriotic policies and positions that protect British values. We are part think-tank, writing research; part campaign group, engaging in activism. We find repugnant the LibDem’s rejection of the people’s call for Brexit, and we are disgusted by Corbyn’s terrorist sympathising.

Do you support Brexit?

We demand for Britain to be truly independent from the EU, that being to leave the Single Market, and to establish an Australian-style immigration system. We also want the ECHR replaced by a British Bill of Rights that allows for all Islamism sympathisers to be interned or deported.

What is your position on CANZUK?

We would support greater integration of the Anglosphere, especially that which is subject to our monarch.

What is your position on Northern Ireland, Gibraltar, and the Falklands?

They are British, and that they shall remain. Spain and Argentina show no respect for democracy, by ignoring that both the people of Gibraltar and the Falklands voted to remain British territories. In fact, Spain won’t even let the Catalonian people have a referendum on whether they want to be Spanish. Further, if Argentina wants some change in territorial sovereignty, it can give control of Welsh-speaking Patagonia to the Welsh Assembly in Cardiff.

Do you hate immigrants?

We have never called for end to immigration, but rather for lower levels, so that there may be a successful assimilation of newcomers into our British culture. Currently three-quarters of new jobs go to migrants, which means British people are unemployed. We demand for an Australian-style system where immigration is limited to people with skills in demand. We have never promoted violence. We do expect everyone who moves to Britain to learn English, respect our laws, and show an active interest in our cultural identity and values.

Do you believe in multiculturalism?

No, as British identitarians we reject the concept of “multiculturalism” that is pushed by cultural Marxist university professors who wish to destroy British institutions so that they can build their communist dream. People who live in Britain should embrace the culture of whichever of the four constituent nations they live among. We reject the “magic dirt theory”. The British are an Anglo-Celtic tribe and whomever wishes to live amongst us, to be adopted into the family, must adopt our language, laws, and heritage.

Do you support gay rights?

Britain has a strong tradition of liberty, and hence, unlike fake activists for gay rights such as Owen Jones and Peter Tatchell, we are very strongly opposed to the calls by Islamists to murder gays. We work with groups such as Gays Against Sharia to oppose the greatest threat to homosexuals and lesbians.

What is your position on fox-hunting, gay marriage, climate change, capital punishment, circumcision, or abortion?

The People’s Charter Foundation was formed as an identitarian campaign group to defend British culture and values. We are not a political party, so we do not produce a manifesto covering every possible political debate, but we are focussed primarily on the threats of the EU, Islamism, and cultural Marxism. There are many issues that patriots may feel passionately about, even disagree on, even amongst our team, but it would be beyond our identitarian remit to, as an organisation, get into such debates.

What do you think of Nazism?

We are opposed to Nazism – it is a horrid, racist ideology, which promoted radical socialism. We are capitalists. We respect the right for Israel to exist.

Do you like Donald Trump?

We absolutely adore him. We particularly like the political positions promoted by the White House Chief Strategist in the Trump administration, Steve Bannon.

Do you believe in freedom of religion?

We tolerate any religion on these isles, if it is practised peacefully and with respect of our laws. Sharia law is not compatible with British values, and must be banned.

Do you support women’s rights?

We support human rights for all, including women. As an organisation opposed to cultural Marxists, we do not support feminists who push concepts such as “patriarchy theory”, because all they want is destruction of the family unit. We work closely with Liberty Belles to oppose feminism.

What is your view of men’s rights?

We demand that men have better rights to see their kids, something that has been eroded by the pressure of cultural Marxists, including feminists, who want to destroy the traditional family institution.

Do you support gun ownership?

Unlike in the USA, British patriots are divided on the matter of gun ownership, and hence so as not to divide the identitarian movement, with our focus on Brexit and a ban on Sharia law, we have not adopted a position on this, but we do passionately support the work of legal rifle clubs and organisations such as BASC.