BBC false narrative of potential genocide by British fascists

Taxpayer money has been spent on a highly inaccurate programme aimed at youth people which pushes the BBC’s false narrative that there is about to be some British fascist uprising and genocide of migrants. This is scaremongering.

As the girl in the TV production claims to face “family honour abuse”, the BBC are making a false comparison to ISIS supporters, to downplay the very real terror threat. The highly inaccurate globalist propaganda piece features a girl who grew up in a British xenophobic terrorist-supporting family that is shown murdering Muslims. This is not something that happens in Britain.

This is probably in response to the recent Britain First and EDL marches in London. While there may be hooligans tagging along to such protests, including violent lefty Antifa thugs, and the Britain First leader did certainly breach a court order, surely the BBC could have addressed those issues, and not highly inaccurate scenarios. The programme doesn’t feature things that really happen, such as mosque invasions, which violate private property rights.

It’s a incredible exaggeration, in fact, a downright lie, to insinuate that there are cells of British terrorists slaughtering Muslims; while actually there are protestors, mostly peaceful, exercising their freedom of expression enshrined in law – their right to express their political opinion whatever our view may be. The BBC is ignoring real violence, such as the rape of 1,500 little girls in Rotherham, and instead focusses on fantasy wars.

So much for being an impartial broadcaster. Imagine the uproar if the BBC ran a programme hypothesising other massacres, such as that London is a caliphate and Christians en masse are stoned to death – but such a genocide is something hate preachers actually call for; in fact, groups like the EDL would fizzle out if such hate was addressed.

Moreover, the BBC’s motives perhaps become clear as it portrays the Union Jack in a very negative light, as if it is some fascist symbol. Does it really want to address xenophobia, or to promote “multiculturalism”? The girl in the film is ashamed that she formerly liked the British flag, and that she had drawn it on paper, as if such was an evil thing to do.

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About the author: Luke Nash-Jones

Luke Nash-Jones is the Director of The People's Charter Foundation. He is a passionate campaigner for "proper Brexit", who opposes open borders and Sharia law.

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