BBC’s Norman Smith slams Britain as “just a little island” not good enough to have a trade deal with the USA.

Trump, soon to be leader of the world’s leading economy, has offered to trade more with Britain post-Brexit, and the BBC ridiculously dissed his offer as misguided. Why are we paying tax money for a state propaganda machine that runs our nation down?

#AxeTheTVTax #SmashPoliticalCorrectness#ThePeopleHaveSpoken #DrainTheSwamp

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About the author: Luke Nash-Jones

Luke Nash-Jones is the Director of The People's Charter Foundation. He is a passionate campaigner for "proper Brexit", who opposes open borders and Sharia law.

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  1. Adam Hiley - 24 January 2017 at 11:28 pm Reply

    typical BBC arrogance another reason to shut it down can’t stand this Man or this organisation

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