The People's Charter Foundation is a non-partisan traditionalist campaign group run by a diverse group of passionate Tory, UKIP, and other patriots. In the spirit of the Chartists, we demand for democracy, for the voice of the people to be heard, including enactment of the Brexit referendum result. In the spirit of Burke, we call for the conservation of British heritage and values, including "rule of law".

We work closely with the Bruges Group, the Campaign for Independent Britain, Multiracial Alliance Tackling Extremism, the Bow Group, MBGA News, and Better Off Out.

Our voice matters !

The "chattering classes" of the Islington metropolitan elite, many who worked in the arts and non-profits, never had a real job and are completely out of touch with the people. The likes of Anna Soubry, Diane Abbot, and Jeremy "Hamas are my friends" Corbyn don't speak for us. Over the decades, these latte liberal politicians, the state-controlled BBC media, and the hard-left university professors, have attacked our beautiful British culture. As a result of political correctness, thousands of our children have been abused while the authorities looked the other way, scared to be called "racist". ISIS soldiers murder people on our streets. Enough is enough. The people won't accept this any longer.


There was a long and difficult struggle to establish the British concept of negative liberty, including your right to vote - your right to choose and fire politicians, so as to ensure your voice is heard. In 1215, Magna Carta, “the Grand Charter”, granted free men a voice. The English Civil War questioned whether Parliament or the monarch was supreme. In 1838, another Charter was written, the People’s Charter, demanding for universal suffrage. There was also the battle of the suffragettes. However, all such freedom has been lost as our system has come to be dominated by globalists. Moreover, they would open the borders and allow in people with no respect for such freedom. Hence, in 2016, inspired by the US Tea Party movement, Luke Nash-Jones wrote the People’s Charter of 2016 to demand our freedom and cultural identity is regained and preserved.

The People's Charter Foundation was established for the non-violent promotion of British heritage, welcoming all patriots, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, or where in a manner that is peaceful and with acknowledgement of British law as supreme, any religious practice.

The six points of the People's Charter of 2016 are as follows:

  • 1. Stop globalism: A points-based skills-driven migration policy. To leave the globalist EU, including the 'single market', and shut the open border. Seek greater integration of the Commonwealth realms, the Republic of Ireland, and the USA. Deny entry to asylum seekers that do not meet the UN definition of a ‘refugee’;
  • 2. Englishman’s home is his castle: Government to interfere in our lives as little as possible, to be downsized. The national budget must be balanced and taxes lower, including abolition of the TV tax;
  • 3. Stop cultural Marxism: To regain our British identity, rather than be ashamed of British national flags, and history. Stop academia’s anti-British hard-left bias;
  • 4. A strong military is essential, including a tough approach on Islamofascist terrorism. Do not allow jihadis entry back into Britain;
  • 5. Cultural integration into the nation-state: Migrants required to speak English, our core language. Resist multiculturalism, oppose political correctness, and allow religion only to be practised in a manner that is peaceful and with acknowledgement of British law as supreme;
  • 6. In the spirit of the 1838 Charter's sixth point that was never realised, for the right to recall bad MPs;


2016 was the year that saw the success of the people standing up to the establishment and demanding our freedom. However, the globalists have yet to be removed; our British heritage has yet to be saved. Too many are rest on our laurels, but the struggle has not been won, no rather, it only just begun.

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