Newcastle march with Veterans Against Terrorism

Join us on the 17th Feb 2018 to march in Newcastle with Veterans Against Terrorism. Event details can be found on Facebook: Speakers: – RB Inman, Veterans Against Terrorism – Toni Bugle, MARIAS – Luke Nash-Jones, People’s Charter Foundation – Mo Fyaz, Multi-Racial Alliance Tackling Extremism We march against Islamist jihadist terror in our […]

Across Britain, Brexiteers March Against Theresa May’s Affront to Democracy

The British people are without question some of the most polite, well-mannered, and cultured in the history of mankind. However, if we are pushed too far, our blood can boil, as discovered the neo-liberal elite this weekend that just passed. Across the UK, in Cardiff, Nottingham, and London, the People’s Charter Foundation held a number […]

Pro-Brexit Rallies Nationwide – In the Spirit of the Chartists

We are not currently in an election campaign; all Brexiteers, whatever party, must work together. Half of Leave voters were Tories, quarter were Labour. Our current goal must be a non-partisan effort to encourage the government for firmer Brexit negotiations. Only party neutral banners are welcome, similar to those of Vote Leave, and Grassroots Out. […]