The Short Men will Save the West

Campaigning over the past few years, one thing that stands out is that activists are not predominantly tall, strapping figures. These giant, muscular, sexy guys who women want so much, many are so weak inside. It’s crazy, all that physical strength they have, they can easily stand up, but they are the kind who would […]

Lefties desperately lying that British values cause Islamic terrorism

The left will not admit the failings of multiculturalism. Top Labour advisor to Tony Blair, Andrew Neather, acknowledged that Labour has only increased migration levels to such high numbers, because they noticed that migrants are the demographic most likely to vote left. They did so selfishly without any due consideration of the consequences that such […]

Anti-Trump Liverpool UK Protest Taken Down Following 4chan Trolling

Update: The FACT center took the flag and stream down at the advice of police, following illegal trespassing.  On police advice, FACT and LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner have removed the installation HEWILLNOTDIVIDE.US due to dangerous, illegal trespassing. — FACT (@FACT_Liverpool) March 23, 2017 For the fourth time, Shia Labeouf and co. claimed the “He Will […]

Political correctness: Theresa May denies London has suffered an Islamic terror attack

The Prime Minister has said it is “wrong” to describe the terror attack on Westminster Bridge and Parliament on Wednesday as “Islamic terrorism”, though it clearly was. This was a clear attempt to downplay the problem of fundamentalist interpretations of Islam. A report by the Center for Social Cohesion found that One Third of British […]

BREAKING NEWS: London terrorist attack, suspected to be jihadists

BREAKING NEWS: Islamic terrorist attack on British Parliament, suspected to be jihadists. A police officer has been stabbed by an “Asian guy in about his 40s carrying a knife about seven or eight inches long” according to eyewitnesses. Nick Hurley, National Security Analyst with the People’s Charter Foundation stated, “Details of the attack outside parliament […]

Who is Pepe? Kek?

(You can read here about The Republic of Kekistan) Who is Pepe the Frog? Around 2010, a sad-looking cartoon frog, Pepe, began to trend among posters on and similar “underground” imageboards. Pepe has become adored by right-wing patriots and seen as their mascot. Despite lefties attempts to demonise him, Pepe is not a white supremacist symbol but […]