Tonight Sadiq Khan attacks Trump, whilst hosting drinks with 11 countries that ban Israel

Just hours after demanding the government rescinds its invite to President Trump over his travel ban, London mayor Sadiq Khan will tonight host a City Hall reception with 11 dignitaries whose countries bar Israeli citizens from entering. Sadiq Khan either supports their ban of Jews, or is too stupid to see the hypocrisy of his actions. […]

Obama wrote Trump’s list of banned “Muslim” countries

President Donald Trump has signed an executive order placing a 30-day ban on entry to the USA for visa holders from seven Muslim-majority countries: Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Iran, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. His administration has been met with a lot of uproar — especially due to the so-called Muslim ban, but Indonesia, one of the world’s largest predominantly Islamic countries, is not on […]

Did the BBC invite an ex-convict who worked for an alleged anti-Semite to defend anti-Trump rally?

Today, the People’s Charter Foundation’s Secretary, Natty Raymond, was invited to speak on the BBC’s Five Live radio news to discuss Saturday’s anti-Trump #WomensMarch, but the host wouldn’t let her respond to people’s wild inaccurate claims, and threatened to mute her microphone. BBC 5 Live radio show: They introduced “feminist zealot” Aisha Ali Khan, […]

Is the Burkini Ban in the Spirit of Freedom?

Nudist beaches have long been something rather shocking to society, and through centuries, concepts of modesty have been enforced. However, recently in France, we have seen rather the opposite; the state demanding people remove clothing – the burqa. Last September, a court in the French island of Corsica upheld the ban on the burkini. Unlike […]

The official Brexit song

Share on your FB profile: The official Brexit song LYRICS: (Leave now) Brussels we’ve got to go away We need to escape the drain Of your EU gravy train Our departure must be brisk We only think it’s a massive risk If we stay another day Don’t you know you’ve gone too far now Pulling […]