Why campus feminism hurts women

As of 2016, over two thirds of people support gender equality, but only 7% identify as a feminist. Despite this, some students still believe feminism to be the solution to this. Historically, feminism aimed for women to have the full civil and social equalities that are afforded to men. Since the 1990s, the movement has […]

Bitnation: Borderless, decentralised, voluntary governance services

A blockchain is a nearly immutable database that is distributed and updated across the members of a network. Blockchains serve as public or private records for all sorts of transactions. They allow for immediate processing without bottlenecks, automation, including of government services, getting rid of buraeucracy and waste, and depending on the use case, make […]

Please Donate to Promote Liberty to Young People

Young Britons for Liberty (YBL) is the largest and fastest-growing libertarian, classical liberal and liberal-conservative youth organisation in the country. Donate Now >> Watch the story here: _______________________________________________________________________ We seek to identify, educate and mobilise young activists (aged 35 and younger) interested in the traditional British concept of liberty based on the writings of Locke, […]

The Illiberal nature of BDS

I am proud that like those who support Young Britons for Liberty, that for many years I have stood up for the values of freedom of expression, individual freedom and free markets. It is for these reasons I am so opposed to the movement of boycotts, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel. One of the […]

Don’t Let Them Tread on You

Resplendent with colour, and shimmering with character, there are few sights more evocative than that of a flag dancing in the wind. For centuries they’ve been used to convey the unifying values, beliefs and aspirations of humanity’s many different peoples, from the marriage of three colours in the Union Jack as an important symbol of […]