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  • Response to Mr Moore’s threat of legal action
    Response to Mr Moore’s threat of legal action against Luke Nash-Jones/People’s Charter: such has been reviewed by two lawyers and two law students. We were advised that it requires no […]
  • Petition: Sack Shah NOW!
    Labour MP Naz Shah MUST RESIGN – she liked a tweet saying Rotherham victims must shut up for diversity. VIDEO WITH EVIDENCE: 1,500 children were abused by Islamist rape gangs. Claims have been […]
  • “Last Day of Silence” march
    Saturday 23rd September 2017. London There will be a silent and powerful march through the London streets by all those who oppose terrorist extremism, the implementation of Sharia (FGM), and Islamist […]
  • BBC apologised for calling UKAgainstHate march “far right”?
    Claims are being made on Twitter that the BBC North West has issued an apology for their attempt to mar the reputation of UKAgainstHate march. If they haven’t they should. The BBC reporting was […]
  • Sign the Letter to Andy Burnham, Manchester Mayor
    Click here to sign >> Dear Mr Burnham, I write on behalf of the People’s Charter Foundation, which is named after the document that the Chartists signed in 1838, demanding that the people be […]


The People's Charter of 2016


Leave the EU: a points-based migration policy, and leave the 'single market'. Stronger relationship with the Commonwealth.

Downsize Government

Government to be downsized: the national budget must be balanced and taxes lower.


Not be ashamed of British national flags.


A strong military is essential to protect our freedom


English as our core language is required


in the spirit of the 1838 Charter's Point 6 that was never realised, for the right to recall bad MPs