Latest Brexit News

  • What impact will the results of the snap general election have on Brexit?
    When the early general election was first announced on 18th April, I feared it was part of a plot by the political establishment to weaken Brexit. It sometimes felt like Theresa May didn’t want […]
  • General Election 2017: The Real Winners & Losers
    As Britain witnessed a highly unprecedented outcome on June 8, who really benefits from Theresa May’s snap General Election and why? Is this really a time for celebration, or rather, concern? Theresa […]
  • Manchester marches against terror and Sharia law
    Manchester has laid claim to being the birthplace of many social and political movements which have changed the world as we know it – movements such as Marxism, Vegetarianism and Women’s […]
  • BBC apologised for calling UKAgainstHate march “far right”?
    Claims are being made on Twitter that the BBC North West has issued an apology for their attempt to mar the reputation of UKAgainstHate march. If they haven’t they should. The BBC reporting was […]
  • There is a war on for your mind
    Like many of you I watch and read the information and videos on InfoWars. I sit nodding and agreeing as Paul Joseph Watson goes off on a diatribe aimed purely at undermining not only the liberal […]


The People's Charter of 2016


Leave the EU: a points-based migration policy, and leave the 'single market'. Stronger relationship with the Commonwealth.

Downsize Government

Government to be downsized: the national budget must be balanced and taxes lower.


Not be ashamed of British national flags.


A strong military is essential to protect our freedom


English as our core language is required


in the spirit of the 1838 Charter's Point 6 that was never realised, for the right to recall bad MPs